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About Us

From the time our friends sniff their way through the door until they wag their tails out in the afternoon, we cater to their nature.


1426 South Road,
Green Meadows VIC


+1300 024 888
+1300 024 888

Dog Boarding

While you're on holiday, here's where furry friends will spend their time.

Cat Boarding

We have highest quality accommodations for even the fussiest feline.

Cat Boarding

We offer long-term and short-term boarding. Every cat family has their own private, spacious room and daily individual time in our large play room for even the fussiest feline.


Dog Kennels

Designed so animals can relax & indulge in pet stylists, run around our exercise yards, make new friends in doggy daycare, or simply spend hours in our dog grooming salon.



Bring Your Own Food
Use small plastic baggies to package pre-measured meals and label them Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
At least 1 leash
It's always a good idea to include 2 in case the other is lost. If you don't have more than one, we'll give you.
Medicine & supplements
Make sure to include the appropriate number of doses that your dog will need to take in your absence.
Documents Required
Be sure that all required documents and forms are ready to present on drop off day. Contact us for more info.
Favorite toys
Even though we're equipped with all sorts of toys, almost every dog has ther favorites that they just can't live without.
A reminder of Home
To keep your dog feeling close to you even in your absence, include something with your scent, ex. scarf.

The Best Choice

We take the responsibility of caring for pets very seriously. They are your family.

1 Day
  • Double room
  • Socialise
  • Brush
  • Pet TV
10 Days
  • Single room
  • SocialiseExcercise
  • Custom Meals
  • Spa and Grooming
20 Days
  • Single room
  • Excercise 2x
  • Custom Meals
  • Grooming 2x


Sve na jednom mjestu: “Pet store & Grooming”
Sve na jednom mjestu: “Pet store & Grooming”
Pas i psići je novootvorena trgovina i salon za uljepšavanje kućnih ljubimaca sa sjedištem u Osijeku, ulica Adama Reisnera 84. Naš jedinstveni pristup uz koncept “Pet store and grooming” je prvi takvog tipa na području Hrvatske. S više od  15 godina iskustva u radu sa životinjama, naša glavna groomerica i voditeljica  pet storea i salona...
3 Premium branda iz ponude Pas i psići
3 Premium branda iz ponude Pas i psići
Pas i psići je jedino mjesto u Hrvatskoj u kojem možete rezervirati termin za uljepšavanje kućnih ljubimaca i obaviti standardni shopping za vaše četveronožne prijatelje. Osim bogate ponude hrane i dodataka prehrani za pse i mačke u ponudi imamo i razne poslastice, igračke, opremu za pse poput ležajeva, tekstilnih kućica, zdjelica i podložaka, proizvoda za...
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Ulica Adama Reisnera 84, 31000 Osijek, Hrvatska
Naručivanje unutar radnog vremena. 031/ 218-317
PON-PET 08 -19H SUB 08-13H
Pas i psići